Good quality meat is rich in many nutrients. It is a great source of complete protein, contains all the amino acids our body requires, including those our body can not produce. Meat and poultry also contains iron, zinc and selenium (breaks down the fat and chemicals in the body) and contributes to carry out vital metabolic functions.

We donchicken‘t know how is it grown!

But, the industrial farming practices used to raise majority of meat or poultry right now are in no way healthy for the animals, the environment or us. Livestock and poultry are raised in unhygienic conditions, fed poor quality food and also fed to grow faster to reach the market. These kind of farming manipulates the environments in which animals are raised, which can lead to contamination of the animal feed, the soil, the land, and ultimately the meat on our plate.

You can choose Easy ā€˜nā€™ Fresh meat and poultry


We will supply 100% organically farmed livestock and poultry that are humanly raised feeding on their natural food source. Farmers market and community approved farms are chosen as our source of supply where any growth promoting drugs or other chemicals are seldom used on animals or poultry.

We know, the above needs an effort to ensure the supply as stated, promptly and continuously, we are already working in this and will announce our first sale in the near future.