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VegetablesIncluding more vegetables in our daily diet is the best gift one can offer himself. Vegetarian food is generally lower in fat and higher in fiber. These days non vegetarian diet has taken over our kitchen and in life. It seems to be more easy to prepare a non veg recipe than a vegetarian – cleaning vegetables, soaking them long to remove pesticides, slicing and chopping!! Pesticides and chemicals in vegetables and fruits, yes, it is in highlights and a threat to our health and a real concern.

Easy ‘n’ Fresh has a solutionCucumber

We supply farm fresh vegetables cultivated in natural and organic methods from our partners, roof top gardens and trustworthy sources. These vegetables can be supplied either as whole or sliced, chopped and ready to cook according to your requirements at your door steps.

Choices in sliced / chopped Vegetables

  • Aviyal Mix
  • Sambar Mix
  • Vegetables chopped for Thoran
  • Other vegetables cuts as demanded

chopped vegetablesWe are coming to you soon!