Product Details

  • Only premium quality coconuts are used to produce Easy ‘n’ Fresh Grated Coconut and the packs are currently available in two variants – one in 200 gram packing which are produced daily and supplied fresh. Second size is 100 gm, these are produced, frozen fresh and supplied on order basis.

  • Packs supplied are always freshly produced and cooled down to the required temperature to ensure proper quality during transportation and handling.

  • We use a little more than one coconut of average size as available in markets to produce each pack.

  • The testa or brown part near the coconut shell or shell are never packed to maintain the taste and for ensuring that the customer get value for money paid (testa and shells increase the weight of the packing).

Storage Instructions

  • Grated Coconut has high oil content and moisture content (around 45%) and therefore can get easily damaged if not preserved properly. Grated coconut at room temperature will stay good consumption for few hours and it can be stored in the refrigerator for 4 to 7 days depending up on the maturity and quality of the coconut. (The refrigerator temperature has to be 4 degree Celsius or below. Please refer USFDA facts on this.) Grated coconuts can be stored in the freezer up to six months.

  • Easy ‘n’ Fresh grated coconuts have a shelf life of 4 days when the packets are stored at a temperature of 4 degree Celsius or below and up to 1 year if preserved frozen at (-) minus 18 deg C right from the production. Always take care about the preservation temperature, since, as per our observation, each increase in temperature by 3 to 4 degree Celsius reduces the life of packet by one day. If you are not sure about your refrigerator temperature, it is safer to store in a freezer.

  • If your family has few members only and the pack cannot be consumed with in the use by date, we recommend to store them in the freezer. Even though it can be stored for long period in the freezer, we recommend to use them within 2 to 4 weeks for better taste. 

  • Easy ‘n’ Fresh grated coconut is a natural product, do not contain any preservatives or does not undergo any sort of chemical process, therefore packets which are not preserved properly, can get damaged easily.

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